Uses of computer and eye pain treatment Detail

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Uses of computer and eye pain treatment

  • 2018-02-15 13:30:06

If you use a computer too much, try this extremely easy way to keep your eyes healthy. If you use more computers during your work, you must feel tired and uncomfortable in your eyes.
Let's tell you the simplest way to save it. This method is the principle of 20-20-20, in which you have to look out your eye from computer for 20 minutes, and see 20 feet far thing for 20 seconds.
You must remember that your monitor's light is not too brigt or dark than the light in the room.
Seating for a long time in front of the Moniter screen creates eye-burning and mental fatigue. According to the expert, during this time,rubbing eyes are not good,few easy solution to remove eye fatigue and refresh them. Effective exercises, which can not only be taken care of by acting, but also get instant mental comfort.
Rubs your two hands well for 10 to 15 minutes until heat, now 1: cover them on both eyes and think that they do not touch the inner layer of the eye. After removing the hands, eyes will immediately feel relieved.
Blowing the eyelashes every three to four seconds also gives eye comfort and remove tiedness.when we sit in front of the computer, our eyes are focused on a constant screen, and in the meantime, we tend to be less eyelids close. After a few seconds, the eyelids should be blown so that eyes can get relief.
Choose one item from 6 to 10 meters away and slowly focus your eyes on it, and do not move your head during that time. Repeat this exercise often gives comfort to heart as well as freshness when the process is also best to protect defect.
Try turning your eyes from the left to the right, try to make a large circle. Repeat this exercise at least 4 times and then close your eyes for a while, take a deep breath and calm down.
If you feel fatigue during work, cover the eyes with both the palms for a while so that the wreck becomes dark. For a few moments, see this wandering in the dark, it will also enjoy the eye muscles and nerves.