7 Ways to Have a healthy relationships Detail

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7 Ways to Have a healthy relationships

  • 2018-01-22 10:20:12

There's no magic solution for wanting to have a healthy relationship. People are not perfect, partners will quarrel, this is life.
but! Do not give up hope, you want to solve this matter, you have a lot of things to do. We've put together the best tips we've got that year to help improve a relationship and get used to it in the new year.
Drop your phone
“A cigarette and embrace after sex has quickly been replaced with a scroll through social media,” said Gillian McCallum,chief executive of Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaking, a British dating site. "Both men and women reach out and take the phone after the event, immersed in the light of the phone screen instead of after the love." Here is a guide to tell you in love, how to find out the boundaries of social media?
Sleep more
Fatigue may make you more hostile to your partner and affect your health. This one explores how the interaction between husband and wife affect the health of the study, let us find: couples quarrel? Maybe you just did not sleep well.
Find out your love type
Do this quiz with your partner to show you how different you define love to each other.
Before you live together, make a tough conversation first
When people decide to live together, they think less than marriages. But living together is actually a bigger step in the legal, economic, emotional, and many aspects of people's life.
Not satisfied with your sex life?
Can a partner who is in a sexual relationship still plan a path toward intimacy and connection?
Open marriage?
Susan Dominus interviewed over 50 non-single-couple members to determine if an open marriage would be a happier one.
Educate yourself: What brings a healthy relationship
Healthy relationships do not happen overnight, but require commitment, compromise, forgiveness and, above all, hard work. Here's a guide for healthy relationship, filled with up-to-date science news, fun quizzes and helpful tips for building stronger ties with your partner.
These "love tricks" are time-tested techniques that require little or no time, or even the cooperation of your partner. Eli Finkel, a psychologist, said: "It's not a problem to make a difference with this marriage.