How to Protect Yourself from Diseases During Winter Detail

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How to Protect Yourself from Diseases During Winter

  • 2018-01-03 09:16:34

Rain not only remove environmental pollution, but it also reduces respiratory diseases and other viral infections from the surrounding winds.
Some people like bathing in the winter rain, but this winter experience can also be expensive due to uncertainty.
Medical experts say that cold air after draining during the winter rain can lead to diseases such as cardiovascular, fever, fever and flu, causing severe headache, flowing stream, stinging continuously, flowing with eyes, Touching and breathing in the ribs etc. can bring a healthy man to bed.
In Winter,after weting in rain you not drying your body and not sit infront of heater,then your body temperature is drop and less than 35 degrees, which can be hypothalamia.
The human body does not produce heat quickly, which requires rapidly and physical temperature goes down below 35 degrees.
Heart, nervous system and other organs do not work normally in hypothalamia, so this condition can cause malignant diseases.
If the effects of cold are intensified, the risk of getting Heart Attack or kidneys failuer increases.
Early symptoms of hypothermia include severe cardiac arrest followed by difficulty in breathing, difficulties in walking, having difficulty talking, disordering and confusion, after which symptoms of hypothalamia unconscious.
For the prevention of hypothermalia, the most important body temperature is to maintain a normal temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, and try removing wet clothes and put dry and hot clothes immediately.
Cover with blanket or wipe to keep the affected person warm.
Experts say that specifically protect chest, ear, neck and head from cooling and keeping warm, and avoid going outside in rain during winter season.