Chinese New Year Festival Detail

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Chinese New Year Festival

  • 2017-12-08 13:30:59

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, In the beginning of Chinese new year a holiday is celebrates. This consider most important holiday for Chinese. This includes big family gathering, gift giving, the eating of symbolic foods and display of festival decorations, this all for bringing good luck and celebrating the coming spring. Chinese are still using lunar calendar to determine the holidays like Chinese New Year.
All Chinese families must clean up their houses on first day of New Year. According to them cleanliness clear all the bad luck of previous year from houses. All the cleanliness must finish before New Year’s Day so that all good fortune of New Year must keep in the house. Black color is not allow to wear because it symbolically represents death and sorrow. Wearing red consider good because it is associated with warding off bad spirits.
It consider compulsory to visit relatives and partake in large dinner where many type of foods are present. Typically eight or nine dishes are serve on this eve. This is because in Chinese language “eight” means “prosperity” and “nine” means “long lasting”
All the adults supposed to give children gift in red envelop because it shows wealth and prosperity for coming year. Aged people also supposed to give unmarried gift in red envelop. The envelop should not open before the recipient has left the home of the giver. Every Chinese New Year is associated with one of the Chinese zodiac. It suppose that one may have character of animal in which he born.