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Few signs of bad health

  • 2017-08-02 14:03:28

We often do not value minor issues as per our health and continue to ignore them and consider themselves healthy- but in fact, these small signals can cause you to be protected from any major disease. We will tell you about some of the symptoms that are actually predicting serious medical problems.

Urine color
Urine color is an excellent source of awareness about our common health-being almost transparent, it means that your body contains the appropriate amount of water, but if its color is yellow or yellow So it's pointing to kidney problems.

Feel more cool
Feeling cold indicates that your physical defenses are facing medical problems. It also happens when deficiency of vitamin C or attacking a virus - in such case, save yourself from problems before a blood test.

Cracked Lips
Cracked lips, especially on the edges, indicate that you are suffering from deficiency of vitamins B12- people suffering from vitamins may have to face many medical problems – To Control the deficiency of vitamin You can protect yourself from many diseases

Normal sleeping
If you are worried, it is a sign of physical and mental disorders, when we sleep, our body reduces the rate of cortexol, but it does not happen when we are tensed, and there is a disorder that can lead to many diseases.

Skin problems
The irritation and kharish means that it is an allergic reaction - it happens when you are too much stress – in this condition you needs to be calm-